Kenya’s Green Growth Giants


Kenya’s Green Growth Giants

Meet some of Kenya’s most passionate and persuasive clean energy champions.

Although they’re from different backgrounds, with a variety of talents and opinions, they all agree on one thing; there’s never been a better time for their home country to take advantage of its green growth potential.

This ‘green growth’ is at the heart of Kenya’s bold new sustainable growth plan, energising the economy while combating climate change.

You can listen to our contributors explain the impact of the Kipeto Wind Project and Kenya’s bright energy future in the new Beyond The Headlines film ‘Green Growth For Kenya’.

Raphael Matu

Raphael Matu is one of Kenya’s foremost economic consultants. As CEO of Finsolution Consultants, he is drawn to projects that support the continued growth and prosperity of Kenya and its people.

He spoke to us about how the pioneering Kipeto Wind Power Project delivers life changing access to electricity in a sustainable way, without harming the environment.

Andrew Owuor

Andrew Owuor has witnessed firsthand the evolution of Kenya’s environmental economic policies.

He now manages Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) at Kipeto Energy, coordinating international partnerships and local negotiations for the Kipeto Wind Power Project.

This pioneering enterprise is being hailed as a test case for Africa’s Green Growth potential.

Nancy Mwari

As the Green Growth and Climate Change Officer at the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Nancy Mwari knows the transformative power sustainable economic progress could make.

Her expertise includes energy management, conservation and efficiency, and the role of renewable and sustainable energy in Kenya’s future. She was also the recipient of Professional Energy Woman of the Year in 2021 for her positive contributions to the energy sector.


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