Silicon Valley in West Africa


Africa Verified Presents West Africa’s Silicon Valley

With a wealth of new talent and local resources, West Africa is gaining a reputation as the continent’s most dynamic innovation and tech frontier. And the U.S. tech giants are sitting up and taking notice.

In this latest episode of Beyond the Headlines, we explore the revolution in West Africa’s emerging tech sector.

Ghana and Nigeria are rapidly establishing themselves as regional economic powers and innovation hubs, built on new ideas and an abundance of talent. Twitter, Microsoft, Apple and Google are keen to partner with likeminded start-ups and entrepreneurs, announcing in-country offices for the first time.

Competition is fierce, with permanent bases quickly established and staffed by locals. Regional training schemes and key technology infrastructure are also rapidly expanding. All designed to harness and nurture new potential for the long-term.

Will these partnerships help Africa become the world's next great tech hub?

We unpack the story so far, all presented without comment, just clarity and verification.


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