Speaking up: Ghana's social media voices


Beyond The Headlines presents ‘Speaking up: Ghana’s social media voices’

Content creators, activists and influencers across Africa are expressing themselves through social media. Their goal? To use the connective power of social media to push for and implement the change they want to see in society, while encouraging others to speak up against things they disagree with.

Along the way, they’ve grown their own audiences and contributed to the rapid expansion of a pluralistic media scene, expressing opinions through advocacy, activism and creativity.

Beyond The Headlines meets this new generation of energised, vocal and tech-literate Ghanaians.

Social media now plays an increasingly important role in expanding this landscape, providing prime opportunities for some of Africa’s most talented, innovative and outspoken to shine and shape their countries as key players on the global stage.

However, these opportunities rely on freedom of speech and expression. In recent years, journalists have been detained and citizens denied their right to essential freedoms. Questions are now being raised about the impact of suppression on this environment.

What’s next for Africa’s bright young ‘tech-tivists’?


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