Ghana's Plastic Upcycling Innovators


Beyond The Headlines presents ‘Ghana’s Plastic Upcycling Innovators’.

Meet Ghana’s new generation of environmentalists and creatives, transforming the nation’s ever-growing plastic waste problem into sustainable, and occasionally stylish, endeavours.

Every year over one million tonnes of plastic waste is released into the environment, causing harmful pollution and damaging drainage blockages. In response, bright Ghanaian entrepreneurs are taking action.

Innovators like McKingtorch Africa, who repurpose plastic into everything from quirky Christmas decorations to smart, sustainable bus shelters. And charity ASASE, empowering over 60 locals to collect, clean and cash-in on recycled plastic.

The young visionaries have already attracted international sponsorship and support, putting it to good use by creating upcycling startups that foster new jobs and fresh learning opportunities.

As these homegrown innovators inspire others to tackle plastic waste, will this momentum transform Ghana’s eco-centric future?


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